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Koen Machielse

I work remotely from Barcelona and Amsterdam on digital marketing projects. 



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Digital Strategy.

I help companies and organizations make sense of it all. 

digital strategy

Its important to align what you exactly want to achieve online. Within a strategy i align your digital goals with your business goals, short and long term, budgets and most important KPI´s. 

Online advertising

Advertising is possible on all social platforms. From Linkedin, to Instagram, to pinterest, to Snapchat, YouTube, Google ads. I help you to choose the right platforms that work best together.

data analytics

I work based on data. Look at data, track data and make decisions based on data. I can also build dashboards. 

Automate your whole funnel

Save time by automating your whole funnel. Emails, chatbots, customer service. I help you to build an automated workflow with all available online tools. 

Personalize your emails and content

Don´t automate everything. Personal contact is very important. We automate what can be automated, but make content and email personal, send it at the right time, with the right content so customers perceive it als valuable and not as spam. 

connect everything in one tool

If you work with a small team, or within a bigger organization. Make sure everybody looks at the same data, We work with ActiveCampaign, a tool that enables everybody to be involved and look at the same data. 

Marketing automation

I help companies automate everything that needs to be automated, but keep it personal. 

Nekoh Digital

With Nekoh Digital i work with a small team of freelance specialists for clients.

Marketing automation

I focus one 1 niche particular: automating your business, lead flows, documentation automation, email personalization and automation and more.

Use Cases

In 11 years i have worked at several projects. Reviews can be found a bit more down on the website. Here i summarize in short some projects.

About Me

Working on digital marketing projects for 11+ years

I have worked for more than 11 years for individuals, startups, corporates, non-profits on digital marketing projects.

Some reviews from previous clients here.

  • Social advertising
  • Digital strategy
  • Marketing automation
  • Transition web2 to web3

Digital strategy

  • Digital Strategy
  • Online Advertising
  • Data Analytics

Marketing Automation

  • Automate your whole funnel
  • Personalize emails and content
  • Connect everything in one tool

Nekoh Digital

  • Digital Strategy
  • Marketing automation

Koen has extensive knowledge of how to set up successful online marketing strategies. Also has strong execution power. Delivers on time, very responsive and quickly understands the market specifics of different businesses. I really like working with him, would definitely recommend.


Marketing Manager 5miles

Koen proved to be a valuable contact at the client’s end. His extensive knowledge of online marketing and broad understanding of common digital techniques made project communication easy, which greatly sped up the production process, and made for an optimal end result.

Stefan Nanninck

Project Manager Blueberry

“We had a very insightful Facebook Ad workshop from Koen. We were really happy with the way he explained the content, but also how he encouraged people to set up an ad themselves directly in the workshop.

Nicky Hofland

Project Manager AimfortheMoon

Koen is my absolute guide through the online marketing world. I don’t know anyone who knows their way so well from keyword to rock solid sales. Great professional!

Ferd de Bruijn

Entrepreneur I AM College

Koen has a lot of knowledge about online marketing. Great to work with, but also independent. He is clear in communication and setting expectations. You can count on him to handle the work with care and deliver it professionally. In addition, he can also explain well and patiently, so you can also use him for training courses, for example. I really enjoyed working with him!.”

Yen-Nhi Nguyen

Team Lead social Accenture Interactive