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I work for 10+ years as freelancer helping startups, corporates, non-profits and small entrepreneurs to grow online with digital tools.

Besides that, I teach digital marketing at I AM College based in Amsterdam. A college at Intermediate vocational education level, who tries to renew the traditional education model that is flawed in many ways.

In 2020 I started Nekoh Digital. On the website you find below, you can find more info on that.

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What I Do
Connect op Linkedin

Connect op Linkedin

You cannot see it in the picture, but it was cold back then. 2017. Made on the Antarctic Peninsula. Een great trip together with Robert Swan, polar traveler, and a group of students and business people from around the world who wanted to know more about climate change and its implications.

With Nekoh Digital I try to incorporate those lessons learned there.

More on what I worked on before starting Nekoh Digital, you can find on my Linkedin profile.